Tonik is launching an EV charging bundle that separates the cost of charging and standard home energy in what it is lauding as a UK first.

Smart data from the EV charger is used to separate the two, with Tonik claiming the bundle offers the UK’s lowest priced overnight – midnight to 7am – fixed rate at 4.17p, with its daytime rate 10p.

However, SSE Energy Services – later acquired by OVO Energy – launched an offer in October 2019 allowing drivers to charge for free overnight in a one-year fixed tariff up to 2,000kWh.

The EV consumption of Tonik’s offer is capped at 1,920kWh over a 12 month period, with any EV consumption above the cap charged at the home energy rate.

It is also the first offer in the UK from an energy provider to use a direction integration with multiple EV chargers, Tonik stated.

The bundle includes EV charger installation by in-house installer The Phoenix Works with a range of chargers available, including from EO, myenergi and Ohme.

Chris Russell, CEO of Tonik Energy, said:

“We know that those switching to EV often consider where they could charge when they are out and about, but may think late on, or not enough about their home charging choices.

“EVs now have longer battery range, so most of the charging will be done at home – the home replaces the petrol forecourt, and it is important to get the right charger to manage charging and minimise costs.”

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