Over the next few months, our market research team will be hosting key events in the UK, explaining what the solar landscape in the UK will look like out to 2030, including factors that are driving growth forecasts and issues related to the supply of key components.

UK solar demand is part of a major global uptick in PV

At face value, it might look like the UK is unique and special, with its own set of solar ambitions and targets, stimulating post-subsidy growth metrics across residential, commercial rooftop and ground-mount segments.

While this is heartwarming to UK stakeholders, the reality is that the UK is just another country globally that has been subjected to a coming together of different environmental, social and financial drivers.

The pace at which this has happened in the past 24 months has been blistering. It is like a tsunami of demand for solar has hit the world, and the UK is now one of many countries and regions participating in this onslaught of demand, fighting for a finite supply of the most important part – the modules.

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