At Fuel Included we like safe batteries that offer performance and value for money, and that’s why we have bought the BYD B-Box into the fold.


BYD stands for Build Your Dreams and is an established Chinese manufacturer who make more Lithium batteries than any other in the world.

The B-Box Pro is a low voltage system (51.4 V nominal), that comes in a managed cabinet that holds from 1 to 4 battery units, each storing 2.56 kWh. There’s some spectacular stats that come with the BYD:

  • 100% DOD (Depth of Discharge). That’s right. All of the stored energy is usable.
  • 95% round trip charge/discharge efficiency.
  • Super safe Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry.
  • “1C” continuous power output. This is battery talk that means that each battery can release energy at a power equal to its storage capacity e.g. a B-Box Pro 10 with 4 battery units will hold 10.24 kWh and can discharge at 10.24 kW if your inverter can cope. For 30 s it can peak at double that.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Scaleable – can run up to 8 B-Box Pro 10 systems in parallel storing a mind-boggling 81.92 kWh and able to release 81.92 kW continuously.

The BYD batteries are a little more costly than the Pylontechs, and clearly the inverter you choose will set the available output power, and the higher the power the higher the cost of the inverter. So, the key is to get the right system to fit both your budget and your electrical needs, so do drop us a line if we can help.

And finally I have snipped the specs from the brochure for your edification.

20180807_BYD_B-Box-Pro Specs_JTisdall

It will take a little time to add this battery to our website, but in the meantime, just ask for a quote and tell our agent that you are interested in the B-Box Pro.