The Tanjent Management team yesterday completed the Cambridge Judge 2019 Business School Scale Up program with a presentation of our growth plan to a panel of financial and business experts. We got expert feedback and advice on our future planning.

The Course

Starting in April this year, this course comprised a series of lectures and workshops from world class academics in the heart of Cambridge on topics from business culture to marketing; from value analysis to finance. The course was sponsored by Barclays, and we had a number of senior Barclays staff available during the workshops to suggest and advise.

Our Cohort from the Course which ran in three centres in Cambridge, London and Leeds

Between sessions we has support from experienced business coaches to help brainstorm and identify the strengths and weaknesses of our business, and decide the priorities and hard choices needed to deliver them.

So why did we do this?

Well, the final dinner in Queens’s College was lovely, but wasn’t enough to persuade us that the investment in time and resources was worth it.

We signed up to this because we are passionate about our vision, but know that we need help to grow and make this more widely accessible.

The course helped remind us that our ethos is all about reducing carbon with open transparent information and ensuring that customer satisfaction is achieved. If the customer does not win, no one wins.

The greatest value was identifying exactly where and how we would focus our resource in the near term to grow and extend our customer offerings. A few highlights were:

  • Immediate – fast track phase 3 of our system automation to make it easier and more accurate to give people informative and detailed estimates that make clear what the costs and options are each step of the way.
  • Short term – focus on expanding our estimation resource and our quality qualified contractors so that we can meet the demand for fast, clear quotes and installations.
  • Short term – improve our capacity to deliver detailed energy models to our commercial clients.
  • Medium – secure funding for our research and development plans for being an active part of the intelligent grid of the future.

Final Dinner in Beautiful Queen’s College Cambridge

What Does this mean for our Customers?

We are in this for the long term and want to grow ever better at offering low carbon, money saving services and products for our customers; both new and existing ones. The way we do that is to keep investing in better processes and quality controls to make it easier for you all to reduce your carbon, and ensure a bright future for our children.

If you have any questions about this we’d love to hear from you.