Solar and wind power increased their combined share of global electricity to 12% in 2022, but other clean energy resources dropped for the first time since 2011, according to energy thinktank Ember.

Ember’s fourth annual Global Electricity Review revealed that solar generation grew by 24% in 2022, the fastest-growing electricity source for 18 years straight. The growth of solar capacity in 2022 alone would have been sufficient enough to meet the annual electricity demand of South Africa.

The global solar and wind generation in 2022 combined would have exceeded the total electricity demand of the European Union.


More than 60 countries now generate more than 10% of their electricity from solar and wind, up from last year’s 50 countries. Solar and wind will have to maintain a high growth rate throughout the decade, for which urgent work will be needed towards the grid with faster planning permissions, grid connections, grid flexibility and market design.

Last year, solar and wind slowed down the growth of emissions from the power sector by 20%, if all the capacity added from both renewables came from fossil fuels instead.

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