Amid a rush of global offerings, solar storage systems are now commonplace and much improved, writes Melissa Hancock

There was no shortage of innovative products and services vying for attention at this year’s Intersolar held in Munich from 20-22 June but it was arguably both the prevalence and prominence of new solar storage system solutions that stole the show.

Whereas in the past the key challenge was in developing renewable energy– the focus has subsequently shifted to the challenge of storing it.


Today, nearly all solar energy companies have either developed storage systems or are actively doing so in recognition of the fact that solar energy solutions can only achieve true scale in tandem with efficient energy storage. The greatest efficiency – and profit margin – is currently offered by battery storage systems, as this technology is already extremely advanced.

What is really noticeable at this year’s Intersolar compared to previous years is that everyone’s now looking at energy storage,” Adrian Polec, board member of Prime Motors told Impact4All on the sidelines of the Intersolar Europe conference.

“This is the first year in which I’m seeing so much action in that regard. Last year there were just a few companies with solutions but I’m now seeing that almost everyone has a solution for energy storage at some level. It’s not complicated to develop and so we expect to see a lot of progress on this front in the future.”

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