Harnessing solar energy via PV and a battery energy storage system (BESS) in a mid-terrace home, compliant with the Future Homes Standard 2025, could see savings of around £40,000 over their lifetime, Solar Energy UK has said.

Solar PV and a co-located BESS could help increase savings across the board in the UK, proving its value in both using renewable energy and reducing the cost of energy, according to theValue of New Build Solar report.

One our our 16 panel installs – two rows of eight panels (Image: Tanjent)

This has become more apparent amid the energy crisis. Due to volatility in the wholesale gas market, households across the UK have been particularly susceptible to high energy bills, causing more concern transitioning into the bleak winter months. For example, 8.4 million UK households will be in fuel poverty from April when the current support schemes either end or change to a higher rate, National Energy Action has said.

Under the Future Homes Standard 2025, the carbon emissions emitted from new buildings are to be slashed by at least 70% to 80% on current levels. To achieve this, several technologies have been touted as potential paths to decarbonisation, most notably solar and BESS. Heat pumps could also be integrated to reduce carbon emissions.

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