Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) tariffs have been unveiled after the legislation came into full effect yesterday (1 January 2020), with pricing ranging wildly from Social Energy’s 5.6p per kWh down to the barely-compliant 0.001p per kWh that Shell Energy is offering.

Under the SEG, suppliers with over 150,000 domestic customers were required to launch an export tariff on or before 1 January 2020. Social isn’t required to launch a tariff due to the supplier having less than 150,000 domestic customers, but already offers export payments of 5.6p per kWh to its customers, making its offering top of the league table for export payments. Likewise, Green Network Energy is also offering its tariff on a voluntary basis.

Meanwhile, Shell Energy has scraped past one of the few rules of the SEG – that payments must be above zero – by offering an export tariff of 0.001p per kWh. It is a pilot tariff, a spokesperson told Solar Power Portal, and is to be “upgraded” later this year.

Renewable generators up to 5MW are eligible for payments, although a smart meter and MCS certificate or equivalent is required.

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