Later this month, Big Oil goes on trial in New York City.

That’s because the New York State Attorney General is suing Exxon Mobil for misrepresenting to investors the way it was accounting for the economic risks climate change posed to its business.

There have been many, many attempts to stop this getting to trial, but to no avail.

Opening statements are scheduled to begin on 23 October.

Oil refinery plant at night

Oil refinery plant at night

The state of New York case is far from the only effort to sue huge oil companies over their connection to and behaviour around the climate crisis.

This is particularly true after it emerged several years ago that as far back as the 1980s, a number of corporations apparently did their own research to work out what burning fossil fuels would do for global warming.

Some even predicted with frightening accuracy what the consequences would be for sea level rises and severe weather events, among other things.

The ensuing effort of the oil industry and lobby to sow doubt in the minds of the public over the veracity of the science around climate change is well documented, but perhaps not as widely understood as it should be.

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