Ofgem is in talks with suppliers to “ensure they understand their Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) obligations”, with export tariffs required to be available to all customers with eligible installs.

When approached by Solar Power Portal, a spokesperson said the regulator is

“in contact with the electricity suppliers to ensure that they understand their SEG obligations”.

“At a minimum, a SEG licensee must offer one SEG tariff that is available to all SEG-eligible installations, regardless of whether the generator is an import customer or not.”

This comes as several of the tariffs launched in the two weeks since the SEG came into effect on 1 January 2020 are only available to customers who import their energy from the supplier they export to, such as tariffs operated by Octopus, SSE and Shell.

“A SEG licensee can offer SEG tariffs that are bundled with other products (such as import) but a bundled offer must be in addition to a SEG tariff that is available to all SEG-eligible installations,” the spokesperson continued.

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