ScottishPower is set to repower Scotland’s first commercial wind farm to increase its generation capacity to over 79MW.

Hagshaw Hill wind farm, located in South Lanarkshire, will be shut down in order to add an additional 14 new wind turbines. Once complete, ScottishPower said this will enable the site to produce around five times the amount of clean energy from just over half the number of turbines.


ScottishPower confirmed that the new turbines would replace older, existing variants.

The decommissioning process will continue over the summer and into early autumn, and the delivery of the first new turbine components to site is expected in May 2024. The new site should be fully operational by early 2025.

The wind farm became operational in 1995 and has since generated more than 895MWh of energy over its 28-year lifespan.

Barry Carruthers, onshore managing director at ScottishPower Renewables, said: “A number of our windfarms, like many across the UK, are starting to come to the end of their operational life. But repowering allows us to make these windfarms, sites we know can deliver the green, zero carbon electricity we need to reach net zero, more efficient and maximise the power we are getting from them.”

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