Government data has revealed that the UK’s ever-expanding renewables fleet set a new generation record last year, providing more evidence – if any were needed – that the country’s energy transition is well underway.

This morning the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy released its monthly energy statistics, unveiling its provisional generation data for 2017.


Those stats revealed an 18.8% increase in total renewable energy generation for the year, reaching 98.9TWh. That increase was attributed to both increased capacity and higher wind speeds for the year.

Renewables’ share of total electricity generation also rose sharply, reaching 29.4% of the country’s total electricity output, up 4.9 percentage points.

Of that share, a significant majority was produced by the country’s onshore and offshore wind fleets. Offshore wind (8.5%) and onshore wind (10%) were aided by hydropower (2%) and solar PV (1%).

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