(REPOST: Motoring Research)

The headliner is a £199 per month PCP deal on the Zoe Dynamique Nav R90 Z.E. 40. It’s a three-year offer, at 4.9 percent APR, and requires a £2,599 customer deposit. What makes it so affordable is the additional dealer deposit contribution of a whopping £5,245.

With a final payment of £4,248, it means this £18,170 car (including the government Plug-in Car Grant) costs just £1,086 in interest over three years. Factor in all the money you’ll save in fuel and it’s a pretty healthy offer, just so long as your annual mileage isn’t more than 6,000.

Just don’t forget to add on the monthly cost of battery hire – around £60 a month, which should at least partly be offset by what you’ll save in fuel.

But Renault is well aware that some people really don’t like the idea of renting batteries. And has an offer just for them: a Zoe-i Dynamique Nav R90 Z.E.40 for £269 a month, with a dealer deposit contribution of £5,198. Trouble is, the customer deposit here is £4,699. And you’re paying £70 a month more… may as well just rent the batteries, huh?

All Zoe buyers will get a free 7kW wall box charger installed at home, and they’ll all get around 186 real-world miles of range in the summer and 124 miles in the winter; the official NEDC rating of the beefy battery is 250 miles.

It might even have a bit more range than even that all-new Leaf. The Nissan’s NEDC rating is 235 miles. The Zoe may not be the latest thing in terms of design or status, but with deals this sharp, can you really grumble?