‘Rational’ preppers tell Kasia Delgado about preparing for everything from nuclear strikes to bank collapse to drought: “If a prepper has to panic-buy, they’ve failed”

David Bowen recently found a good place in his North Yorkshire seaside town to take refuge in case of a nuclear attack. “I’ve just discovered there’s an old underground tunnel, blocked off at one end on the outskirts of town,” he says. “One of the keys to surviving an attack like this is how you respond to the immediate attack,” he tells i. “Find shelter, and stay in it, at least for a couple of days unless fallout comes our way. I’ve created some simple reference cards for my family to follow if a nuclear strike occurs, to improve their chances. If we aren’t all together, they know what to do and where to shelter.”

Apart from having a look around for a local hiding spot, David, a strategy business consultant who lives with his wife and six-year-old daughter, hasn’t done much extra preparation since Vladimir Putin placed Russia’s strategic nuclear weapons forces on high alert, because he’s been ready for global disaster for a long time.

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