Rapid electric vehicle chargers have been added to a solar and storage hub in Dundee to utilise the clean electricity generation and batteries to charge the city’s fleet of electric vehicles.

03022017_Nissan Leaf_charging at Evolt charge point_image (evolt)

EVolt has installed six of its Raption 50kW Rapid Chargers, capable of charging two vehicles simultaneously in approximately 30 minutes, and three 22kW eVolve chargers. They will be used alongside other chargers to make use of the generationn from the 36kWp solar canopies at the site and join the 60kW/90kWh E-STOR system from Connected Energy, which uses second life batteries from Renault.

Justin Meyer, general manager of eVolt UK, said: “This is the first hub of its kind, combining EV charging, solar canopies and energy storage, we are proud to be supporting Dundee Council’s project to lower emissions and to encourage more people to make the switch to sustainable e-mobility.”

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