People who have adapted their homes to make them more eco-friendly are inviting the public in to see the changes.

The Wiltshire Climate Alliance, supported by Wiltshire Council and the Centre for Sustainable Energy, have put together a map of the open houses.

The Green Open Homes Week in the county runs until 17 March.

James Bradbury – who has made changes to his home in Chippenham – said: “I’m keen to counter disinformation and let people see for themselves.”

Mr Bradbury lives in a home that was not originally built to be eco-friendly, but over recent years has made simple changes – like having four water butts – but has also invested around £20,000 in making the house greener.

How big a home battery do I need? (Image: Tanjent/DALL-E)

How big a home battery do I need? (Image: Tanjent/DALL-E)

The most expensive investment was the heat pump, which cost £10,000, with a £5,000 government grant.

He explained that most of us already have a one – in our fridge.

“It’s just operating in reverse,” he said.

“It cools down the inside of the fridge, but you notice the back of your fridge gets hot. That’s where it’s moving the heat to – a heat pump for your home does the opposite.”

He is not sure when they will recoup the cost of the heat pump, which has special plumbing to go with it, but said it keeps the temperature more even.

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