To date, the UK has installed more than 14GW of onshore wind energy and has a pipeline of planned projects totaling 23GW.

During the second quarter of 2023, there was the highest quarterly capacity submitted into planning so far, suggesting significant future growth of wind developments.

This article examines these projects by analysing their current status, sizes, and locations. This provides a fascinating insight into how onshore wind deployment may evolve going forward, in particular if planning guidelines and government policy is – as widely expected – revised to reboot this sector.

Installed onshore wind projects in the UK

Not unexpectedly, onshore wind capacity growth in the UK has experienced a significant slowdown in recent years, with a considerable drop in yearly installations – despite impressive achievements in previous years, specifically in 2017, when incentives were still in place and fewer obstacles were present for developers and planners.

The graphic below now shows the annual deployment rates of utility-scale, onshore wind capacity.

UK onshore wind energy deployment had the highest yearly installed capacity in 2017 at 2.1GW, across 84 sites and involving the construction of 812 turbines.

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