More than one million European homes will welcome the New Year with batteries for their solar power plants. It is an increase of over 50% since the end of 2021, significantly higher than what was forecasted.

SolarPower Europe estimates that the capacity of residential battery energy storage (R-BESS) units will reach 9.3 GWh by the end of 2022, while the expected capacity by 2026 could climb to as high as 44.4 GWh, according to data from its European Market Outlook For Residential Battery Storage 2022–2026.


The installations are driven by high electricity prices and the great synergy with solar photovoltaic installations, as it extends the usage and application of solar power. The average attachment rate between BESS and PV has grown from 23% in 2020 to 27% in 2021.

Germany, the biggest residential storage market, has the highest attachment rate between batteries and solar panels, 80%, making R-BESS almost a standard part of solar systems.

The business case for home storage has improved in 2022

solar battery storage europe residental bess cumulative scenarios 2022-2026

In 2021, with 2.3 GWh installed over the course of the year, the European residential battery market grew 107% from 2020, resulting in a total operating fleet of more than 650,000 units with a cumulative capacity of 5.4 GWh.

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