Nissan has been the pioneer in electric cars, with the LEAF the most successful EV to date, and the new 2018 Nissan LEAF turning it from an eco warrior in to a proper, mainstream ICE alternative.

But despite the rise and rise of charging points in the UK, there are issues around the ability of the National Grid to cope with ever increasing demand for charging electric cars.

But one way round easing that transition is to have more homes creating their own electricity which, after initial outlay, can be achieved by using solar panels, something almost 900,000 homes in the UK have already done.

But the drawback of that is you either have to use the electricity when the sun is shining, or you feed it back in to the grid. But there is another solution – home battery storage for electricity.

We’ve already seen Tesla Energy Powerwall launch to offer home power storage capabilities, and Mercedes are in on the game with their 20kWh Mercedes-Benz Energy.

Now it’s Nissan’s turn to join the home electricity storage game with the launch of Nissan Energy Solar in the UK.

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