(REPOST: MotorTrader )

In it submission to the Chancellor Philip Hammond ahead of the Autumn Budget, which takes place 22 November, the NFDA said the current Workplace Charging Scheme and Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme should be continued and a used electric vehicle grant introduced.

It called for VAT levels for electric vehicles to be reduced to 15% now and, following the UK’s departure from the EU, to 5%. The NFDA also called for a freeze on fuel duty.
NFDA director Sue Robinson said that business had been adversely impacted by Brexit in recent months and needed a boost.

“Uncertainty surrounding Brexit and current negotiations has affected consumer confidence over the past months, it is essential that Government ensures that economic policy supports business and consumer spending in the forthcoming Autumn Budget,” she said.

“Although sales of electric vehicles keep growing significantly their market share remains low. To help encourage the uptake of electric vehicles, it is vital that the Government continues to support motorists through its grants and other incentives such as a reduction of the VAT.

“With the current economic climate and sterling volatility, a continued freeze on fuel duty is absolutely crucial to support consumer confidence in a period of uncertainty.

“It was positive to see that the Treasury confirmed that they will be ‘examining’ our ‘ideas and suggestions’. Following the Budget announcement, we will be engaging with Government and, in particular, addressing the issues around motor taxation.”