Energy prices have reduced in Great Britain from 1 April in line with the energy price cap. But average energy bills relating to typical annual energy consumption are still 56% above summer 2021 levels.

Against this backdrop and as the climate emergency also escalates, there’s a growing interest in domestic renewable energy systems, primarily solar panels. This is to reduce both costs and carbon emissions.

There were more than 183,000 certified solar PV installations across the UK in 2023, a third higher than 2022, according to the latest MCS figures2.

Solar Panel Energy Prices - Tanjent Energy

We’re also seeing a sustained interest from people searching for information on domestic solar panels options. This includes panels combined with a battery, a heat pump, or an electric vehicle chargepoint.

To help people who are considering solar panels for their home, we’ve refreshed our popular solar panel calculator. The tool has been updated in line with revised higher Smart Export Guarantee tariffs and reduced electricity prices set by April’s energy price cap.

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