Move welcomed as a way to get more renewable energy sites connected to grid

National Grid ESO is introducing further targeted reforms to speed up connections to the electricity network.

The ESO has written to parties seeking to connect to the transmission system to ask for updates on progress and project milestones, so that non-viable devlopments can be identified enabling those that are ready and able to connect to the grid much more quickly.

This follows the decision by the Code Panel, the body in charge of changes to the codes that govern the energy industry, to recommend to Ofgem changes in how connection contracts are managed which will enable the ESO to more effectively manage the queue.
Energy generators that are not progressing and will not meet their connection date will be able to choose to move backwards or leave the queue, in order to make way for projects that want to connect and are delivering on their milestones. These reforms will mean that developments will be able to connect up to 10 years earlier.

The milestones that projects will have to meet are common sense points such as raising finance for the development, buying land, getting planning permission, and breaking ground. Sites with timelines impacted by network build delays outside the control of the developers will not be negatively impacted by these changes.

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