The plans would put 90% of drivers within 50 miles of an EV charger that would give cars a boost in just five minutes

The National Grid plans to roll out a network of superfast electric vehicle (EV) chargers across Britain’s motorway network, tapping directly into its transmission infrastructure to provide charging rates of up to 350kW.

The chargers would be capable of replenishing an EV’s batteries in five to 12 minutes, and would also bring 90 per cent of drivers within 50 miles of a superfast charging station.


Engineers from the National Grid, which operates the country’s electricity infrastructure, have mapped Britain’s motorways, identifying 50 strategic sites where charging stations could be most effectively installed.

Such a network would not be cheap – the National Grid estimates it would cost between £500 million and £1 billion – but by utilising its own supply network and installing high-Wattage chargers, the company could significantly ease concerns relating to EV range anxiety.

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