The latest data from National Grid ESO (NGESO) has shown that 47% of the UK’s electricity was generated by zero carbon sources in March 2023.

NGESO confirmed that the highest zero carbon mix percentage for a single half-hour settlement period in March was 83.46% on 13 March at 03:00 (during the 02:30-03:00 settlement period).

The UK also achieved 213 consecutives hours of generation without coal in March, a promising increase from 73 consecutive hours in February 2023.


Despite these promising figures, gas was still the UK’s main source of fuel generating 33.7% of electricity.

This was closely followed by wind which contributed 29% of generation in March and delivered a new record on the 13 March for the percentage of wind on the system at 67.4%.

Wind generation is showing no signs of slowing its upward trajectory; recently-published data from the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ), revealed that wind produced a “record high” share of the UK’s energy between October and December 2022 at 24.6%.

Only 0.5% of the UK’s electricity was generated by coal, a huge decrease from 13.6% in March 2018.

March also saw the UK import 3505 GWh of energy whilst exporting 642 GWh.

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