Seven out of ten of the UK public believe that it should be mandatory to install solar panels on new homes, according to a new survey

Seven out of ten UK citizens advocate for mandatory installation of solar panels on new build homes.

The study, conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Project Solar, surveyed 1,000 adults aged 25 and above.

These findings coincide with ongoing governmental deliberations on future regulations, particularly under the UK’s Future Homes Standard.

Proposed measures may include compulsory solar panel installations on new properties, aiming to enhance energy efficiency.

Solar Panels on New Homes

The research also sheds light on public attitudes, misconceptions and motivations surrounding solar energy adoption.

Economic factors such as fluctuations in energy price caps play a significant role in influencing individuals’ consideration of solar panel installation, according to the survey.

Despite intentions expressed by 42% of respondents to install solar panels within the next five years, misconceptions persist, with a notable proportion incorrectly believing that solar power generation is confined to summer months.

Additionally, there’s a widespread lack of awareness regarding financing options to mitigate upfront costs, potentially hindering broader adoption of solar energy technologies.

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