RenewableUK has confirmed that 60% of Britain’s energy was supplied by low carbon sources (renewables and nuclear) saving the nation over £15 billion in gas costs.

The data follows the end of the renewable energy trade association’s fortnightly Winter Power Update which ran from 1 November 2022 to 28 February 2023.

RenewableUK revealed that low carbon generators produced 56.13TWh during this period.

Onshore and off shore wind, experiencing a multi-record breaking winter, provided most of this generation at 31.4TWh (60%), followed by nuclear with 14.34TWh (36%).


Overall, low carbon generation reduced Britain’s demand for import gas by over 9.7 billion cubic meters.

“These latest figures show that low carbon power sources, led by wind, played a central role in keeping the lights on this winter by providing the lion’s share of Britain’s electricity,” said executive director of policy at RenewableUK, Ana Musat.

“Reliable homegrown clean energy is boosting our energy security and saving hard-pressed British consumers billions of pounds in expensive gas imports, as well as moving us closer towards net zero. Now we need to ramp up the roll-out of new clean energy projects as fast as possible to maximise the benefits of renewables to billpayers and businesses in the years ahead.”

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