Photo by Gustavo Rodrigues from Pexels – probably not Hertforshire (or me)

As a regular if rather slow runner, I have a couple of favourite nearby routes I take in semi-rural Hertfordshire.
In recent weeks they have become more and more crowded with walkers, runners and cyclists which have got me thinking about the effectiveness of social distancing.
I am not the only one thinking of this. For example, in Bristol they have been implementing ad hoc running lanes.

What has been on my mind is how the virus is actually transmitted; in water droplets by breathing. Now when I am running I breathe pretty heavily and so presumably expel more energetic water droplets, so perhaps 2 meters is not enough!
To counter this I have taken on my own discipline of averting my face as I run past people to help minimise possible virus risk.

Just a thought… pass it on… be safe.