Landmark 2050 net zero target would ‘end the UK’s contribution to climate change’

The UK could end its contribution to global warming by phasing out greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has said, a target which would drive a revolution in the country’s power system.

Today the CCC has published a landmark report establishing its recommendation that the UK government set a target date of 2050 for the country’s economy to transition to ‘Net Zero’ status, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions.

The 256-page report details precisely how that aim can be realised, and crucially states that such a target could be achieved with technologies already known and within economic costs already accepted by parliament.

However, the report does include a raft of recommendations, most notably a “significant” ramp up of existing policies that will be required for a net zero emission target to be credible, and a potential revisit of the way costs are distributed among consumers and businesses.

The country’s energy sector would also have to undergo a significant transition to support a net zero economy, including an effective quadrupling of low-carbon electricity generation by 2050, bringing forward a future ban on new sales of petrol and diesel vehicles to 2035 or earlier and the development of carbon capture and storage technology.

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