There is a growing demand for renewable energy sources as the results of global warming become more evident year on year. While you may struggle to fit a wind farm or tidal hydroelectrical system on your property – rooftop solar energy is available, affordable and on the rise.

Although it is true that the regions that would benefit the most from increased solar power implementation are within warner climates, that does not mean that their benefits can not be embraced globally.

As the need for sustainable power sources becomes more necessary, the global community is taking steps to ramp up renewable energy programmes. Solar energy is one of the most widely discussed due to its simple implementation, whilst the ready availability and frequent technological advances make it one of the most viable options.


Solar panels placed onto the rooftop, absorb solar energy which is then sent through the rest of the components to be sorted in the battery. This energy can then be used directly by your appliances or go straight back onto the grid to be used by others. During this time, you are able to measure and display your solar system’s performance and status, meaning you will always be aware of how much energy you are creating, and get to know really how well solar energy is benefitting you.

In recent years, solar technology has been developing rapidly, and there have been exciting technology developments in solar panels and battery storage with companies like Tesla becoming involved with the developments.

Tesla’s innovation is the Tesla Power Wall which integrates with your existing solar panel set-up, storing excess energy generated during the day. You’re able to use this energy as and when you need it, minimizing reliance on central utilities. The Tesla Power Wall can also be controlled via an app, it is completely weatherproof and low maintenance – so once this is installed, you will be able to reap the benefits without any extra stress.

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