Will solar panels damage my tiles? Will it make my roof leak? These are some of the questions that come up in conversation. This blog shows the most common way for attaching solar panels and how this keeps you dry.

There are many ways to attach solar panels to your roof, but one of the most common is as follows.


The key is this little doohickey (prosaically named the flat-tile interface by Clenergy) which fits under the tiles and attaches directly to a truss. This means the load from the panel is transmitted directly to the truss and is not affecting the tiles.


This is quickly fixed to the truss and then all the tiles are put back where they were before. No fuss. No leaks.


Once a row of them have been attached, then a rail is added. A rail at top and bottom of a panel means it is locked firmly in place against the elements.


End result – a nice tidy and secure job that keeps your tiles intact. A bonus is that the air gap behind the panels allows air cooling. This means your panels operate at a higher efficiency than if they are built into the roof.

All our quotes include suitable fixings for your roof type and are all included in the cost. No hidden extras.