UK house-holders can slash their domestic energy bills by up to 66 per cent by turning their homes into mini-power stations, claims Japanese car giant Nissan.

Excess energy collected via solar panels on sunny days and stored in a fridge-sized home-battery during off-peak times could be sold back to the national grid at peak times when demand for it is at its highest.

The system would also make it cheaper for green householders to charge up their electric cars, the manufacturer said.

The firm unveiled its move into the wider energy market during the international launch of is new second-generation all-electric battery-powered Leaf car in Tenerife.

The Japanese car giant is also pioneering a system that use the energy stored in an electric car’s battery – while it is parked up unused at home – to help power homes and domestic appliances, or be sold back to the grid when the vehicle is not in use.

It is also using reconditioned electric car batteries to store power for villages in Africa.

Nissan said of its new operation called Nissan Energy Solar: ‘It aims to make renewable energy usage at home simpler and more affordable for UK residents – up to 66 per cent savings in their energy bills.

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