Research from the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) has found that green UK households which use heat pumps and electric vehicles (EVs) use less imported energy.

A typical household using a gas boiler and petrol car will be dependent on imports for almost 70% of its energy, equivalent to 17MWh a year.

A home insulated to EPC C standards, using a heat pump and an electric car, will use less than half (45%) of the energy imports of a household with a gas boiler and a petrol car, at around 7.5MWh a year.

Additionally, green UK households with a heat pump, electric car, and solar panels would use around a third (36%) of the fuel imports of a typical home – 6MWh a year.

Green UK Households Energy Bills Savings Tanjent Energy

To put it into perspective, approximately 60% of the gas that we use is imported, and 8-10% of the petrol used in the UK in recent years was refined in the UK using oil produced in the UK. Therefore, homes that run a diesel car and use oil rather than gas boilers are almost 90% import dependent.

Conversely, heat pumps are manufactured at various sites in the UK, including those made by Kensa in Cornwall, Vaillant in Derbyshire, Octopus Energy in Northern Ireland, and Mitsubishi Electric in Scotland.

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