Repost from February: Currently there appear to be no plans to keep the solar feed-in-tariff going after it ends in April next year.

The government has appeared to shelve plans for a review of the feed-in tariff, adding more uncertainty to the domestic renewables sector.

While the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has yet to confirm this on the record, climate and energy minister Claire Perry has responded to two separate written questions stating that the government has ‘no plans to review these [feed-in] tariffs’.


Such a move would contradict previous messaging from the department and commitments within its own consultation response.

Last year a BEIS spokesperson informed <em>Solar Power Portal</em> that it intended to conduct a review of the feed-in tariff, to be published before the end of 2017.

The spokesperson said in April: ‘BEIS intends to conduct a review of the balance of deployment caps between and within technologies, taking into account deployment patterns and wider government priorities. This will be published later this year.’

This was in response to questions over the government&rsquo;s commitment to conducting bi-annual reviews of the feed-in tariff&rsquo;s performance, as mandated within the consultation response published in December 2015.

However the department now appears to have shelved the review, according to written answers provided by Perry.

Repost: SolarPowerPortal