The UK Government has received a petition with almost 12,000 signatures calling to end the “senseless ban” on onshore wind farms in the UK.

The petition was handed to Rishi Sunak by Sam Richards, a former advisor on energy and environment advisor for the Prime Minister.

Pro-growth campaign group Britain Remade – set up by Richards – organised the petition to urge the reverse of the changes to the planning system introduced by David Cameron in 2015 which requires unanimous backing from local communities for any onshore wind farm plans in England to be approved.

This allows a single person to block the development of an onshore wind farm and has led to only two onshore wind turbines being built in England since 2020.

Photo by Gustavo Rodrigues from Pexels – probably not Hertforshire (or me)

According to Britain Remade, Ukraine is now building more onshore wind capacity than England despite the war.

A poll commissioned by Britain Remade showed that 67% of people across the country support the installation of new turbines in their local are, with some regions such as the North East having 85% backing.

“This petition shows there is huge support for dropping the senseless ban on onshore wind, and turbocharging the delivery of one of the cheapest forms of energy available to us in England,” said Richards.

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