I’m contemplating an electric car but am worried about long range EV as I do a lot of driving for work – are they worth it for longer distance?

The short answer is yes, absolutely. The longer answer is that there are developments happening constantly in the electric vehicle (EV) world and recently there’s been news that long range EV are rivalling petrol cars for how long they can drive.

Some EVs have ranges of over 300 miles – The Mercedes EQE SUV 450+ did 375 miles in testing, the Tesla Model S Plaid, did 365 miles and the Tesla Model X, LR did 331 miles in testing. Obviously, real world driving will be slightly lower but given the average journey is less than 20 miles there’s no longer any reason for range anxiety.

long range EV

The long range EV boom has arrived and is in full swing and with it, more and more drivers and commuters are switching from their polluting petrol and diesel vehicles to electric versions which are often price comparable to combustion engine cars, far cheaper to run and much better for the planet.

In fact, the used electric vehicle market is incredibly buoyant and continues to grow too. UK used electric car sales surged by over 90 percent in 2023 and magazines like Auto Trader have an entire section now dedicated to the second hand EV market.

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