The UK government has published its Future Homes and Buildings Standards consultation emphasising that all new homes must be “net zero ready” from 2025.

The consultation, which has been published by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, also revealed that heat pumps must be a standard within all new homes, something that could be a major boost to the sector.

Alongside heat pumps, solar PV is expected to play a vital role in the development of net zero ready homes.

According to the consultation, the government is “committed to improving the energy efficiency and reducing the carbon emissions of new homes and non-domestic buildings”. It is worth noting that this consultation builds upon the 2021 Part L uplift.

The document confirmed that the government “found no practical way to allow the installation of fossil fuel boilers while also delivering significant carbon savings. As such, we do not expect fossil fuel heating, such as gas, hybrid heat pumps and hydrogen-ready boilers, will meet these standards”.

Improving energy efficiency measures within homes could have a significant impact on the UK’s net zero goals. By reducing the amount of energy that is required to heat homes, particularly during the cold winter periods, this could reduce the strain on the grid due to lower demand.

The Future Homes Standard consultation could also introduce additional economic opportunities and benefits.

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