I was delighted to hear TV’s favourite robot, Kryten (from Red Dwarf), giving us the go ahead for the Fully Charged Live Event this Autumn from 3rd to 5th Sept. At Tanjent we are going to be there all weekend with our own stand. It is a great chance to meet you face to face and we’d love to help you explore if your green solar dreams are ready for lift off.

Robert Llewelin and Dan Caesar Discussing all the angles that Fully Charged Follows

Now in reality Kryten came to us in human form as the brilliant eco-advocate Robert Llewellyn. If you haven’t already signed up to his information channel you really should right here.

Fully Charged Live has its roots in all things to do with electric cars, but is growing far beyond that with an enormous focus on Solar Energy, Electric scooters, the latest in all-electric aviation and the advances in generation and distribution of energy in this country.

It is a fantastic event and is taking place outside this year to be sure to meet Covid safety requirements.

Here is a link to their website. Book here if you’d like to come.