Byron Bay-based solar retailer Smart Energy says it is seeing an unprecedented surge in sales and enquiries for solar and home energy storage as consumers look to shore themselves up in uncertain times.

New South Wales-based solar retailer Smart Energy has said it is witnessing a record sales quarter after an unprecedented 41% increase in sales and a 400% increase in battery enquiries over the last two weeks as panicking consumers look to protect themselves in uncertain times.

While other industries are being battered by the effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic, Byron Bay-based Smart Energy is taking on additional resources and looking for ways to support communities and installers as the solar and battery retailer enjoys an unprecedented surge in demand.

Smart Energy co-founder and MD Elliot Hayes said there are many contributory factors to the explosion in interest in solar and storage, with the main ones consumers seeking greener purchases following the recent bushfires and floods in Australia and the associated economic downturn, and people seeking to future-proof their homes.

On-site energy

With a deep-set global recession far from unlikely and people self-isolating and using more electricity at home as a result, generating and consuming energy on-site is one way to guarantee a measure of supply.

“Our growth is a by-product of economic uncertainty that is driving both residential consumers and businesses to look for ways to future-proof their savings, homes and businesses,” said Hayes in a statement. “People are also more worried about the state of the planet than they have been before, and rightly so. They’re looking for ways they can make a difference like conserving energy, being aware of the products they buy and their means of transportation.”

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