Fleet managers are increasingly having to counter scare stories about electric vehicles (EVs), with a flood of electric vehicle misinformation targeting the powertrain.

It says that a handful of people in every organisation are seizing on electric vehicle misinformation stories and sharing them with other employees, putting fleet managers who are trying to electrify operations under pressure.

“In most cases, there is nothing malicious about the actions of these people,” said Paul Hollick chair of the AFP. “They just don’t know much about EV technology, believe what they read online, and are subsequently fearful of scenarios involving EVs that are vanishingly unlikely to actually happen.”

Hollick explains that in some sections of the media, it seems to have become popular to create scare stories about EVs – that they catch fire easily and cannot be extinguished, that they will all run out of power simultaneously in cold weather and block motorways, that they are more environmentally damaging than internal combustion engine (ICE) cars and vans, and that current models will be worthless in a matter of years.

electric vehicle misinformation

“Most recently, we’ve seen the case of a ‘runaway’ EV that the police had to bring to a stop using their own vehicles which appears to have been nothing of the sort, with the driver reportedly accused of fabricating the emergency,” he added.

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