For many who want to move more quickly to renewable energy, the significant upfront cost of a solar or battery solution makes it challenging to make a start.

At Fuel Included, we are delighted to say that we are now able to offer Finance, subject to status, to be able to spread the cost of your system over a period up to 10 years and with a competitive 12.9% APR.

We keep it simple, and flexible giving you a choice of deposit and duration to match your needs to your pocket.


Example purchase: A 4.1 kW Solar System including installation and VAT

Price: £4,905

Deposit: £899

Term: 10 years

Monthly repayment: £58.94

Example Value: For an example installation near Maidstone, with a south facing roof, this gives an estimated annual generation of 4,633 kWh worth £695 (at 15 p/unit). In addition your annual FIT tariff would pay you £307. Giving you a combined income and saving of £1002 (equivalent to £83.50 a month)

To find out if this suits you, simply fill in our easy quotation request form and select the option to receive a finance price. 

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