PowerBanx batteries can be mounted in computer enclosures providing a neat, adaptable and upgradable system at low cost.


Generally the batteries are stacked horizontally in a slim enclosure to minimise footprint. The one shown can have between 1 and 6 batteries so you can start with just 1 or 2 batteries and upgrade with extra batteries when you want.


However, we recently had a customer requirement to install two batteries in a walkway so the enclosure had to be kept particularly close to the wall. To achieve this we are using a special enclosure in which two batteries are mounted hanging vertically in order to minimise its footprint. This makes for a narrow enclosure (but still with enough space to provide natural cooling to the batteries).


A large door on the front allows full access to the batteries, while a small flap on the top allows for checking the status lights and switching on and off.


A natural use for this enclosure would be on the inside of a garage wall (as shown), so as not get in the way of the car. While the enclosure has feet to stand on, it can also be wall mounted.


If you let us know the requirements for your home battery system we will find the best configuration and enclosure for you.