A battery storage system in the UK has begun delivery of reactive power services to the grid in what has been claimed as a world first contract of its kind.

Developer-investor Zenobe Energy also said that its 100MW/107MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) in Capenhurst, Chester, is currently the largest battery project directly connected to the transmission grid anywhere in Europe.

The company said on Saturday (11 February) that the project has been commissioned, highlighting how it will offer value for the UK’s grid and wider energy sector. Zenobe began construction on the project in June 2021, having secured a financing deal with partner Santander. The pair began working together on other deals in 2019.

The BESS will reduce the amount of curtailment of renewable energy, particularly wind, in the Mersey region of north-west England where it is located, as well as reducing the amount of gas-fired generation needed to balance the supply and demand of electricity.


Zenobe noted that in December alone, UK transmission system operator (TSO) National Grid spent £82 million (US$99.1 million) in payments to generators which were curtailed due to their produced energy exceeding network hosting capacity.

Zenobe said that over the first 15 years of the Capenhurst 100MW BESS’ operation, it alone should reduce curtailment to the extent that it will save the TSO £58 million.

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