SUSTAINABILITY – Renewable power energy storage is as crucial as producing it. We delved into some of the main battery storage technologies.

Batteries come in any form, shape, and, most importantly, chemistry. In the puzzle called energy storage systems of the future, they represent an essential piece to fully exploit the potential of renewable power and limit one of its most prominent downsides: inconsistency. To put wind and solar on par with fossils, stashing energy for later use is essential to access power at every moment. Moreover, batteries are also of great help to the electricity grid, balancing supply and demand, making the grid more stable, and improving its efficiency.

&nbspEnergy Storage for Renewable Power;

Why this is important:
Storing renewable power is as crucial as producing it. In this article, we explore some of the main battery energy storage technologies, highlighting their pros and cons.

Therefore, the importance of batteries is indisputable. There are plenty of battery technology options, ranging from established chemistry to newer and more sustainable ones. We delved into three key battery technologies for the present and the future of the stationary energy storage sector with Dirk van Asseldonk. He is the topic leader of battery systems at Battery Competence Cluster NL, the innovation program working to foster and reinforce the Dutch battery ecosystem.

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