The car enthusiast is constantly evolving. Every new automotive era brings with it new tastes, new trends and new ways to just have a good time with a few wheels and an engine. But there’s one emerging brand of car enthusiasts that’s particularly interesting to me, mainly because they’re people who would never normally care about cars.

I’m talking about people who are really into electric cars. I’m not just talking about Tesla fanboys, although they certainly fall into this category. I’m talking about the nerds who have never cared about cars, who never knew anything about cars, who never even really cared what kind of car they drove themselves. Many of these people are now very much enthusiastic about cars powered by electrons rather than (or in addition to) gasoline.

I have a group chat going with a few friends because, well, that’s just how groups of friends communicate these days. These friends of mine are as nerdy as they come (and they know it), and they’re much more interested in the Nintendo Switch than they are in the new ZR1. These are men who you would rightly never consider to be car guys. In fact, one of them even drives a Dodge Avenger every single day — on purpose.

Sometimes in the group chat I’ll get all giddy about some car news, like the teaser for the new Mustang Shelby GT500 — and nobody else will care. However, if the topic of electric cars or plug-in hybrids ever comes up, it lights up the group with enthusiasm. I can’t tell you how long we discussed the new Nissan Leaf when it was unveiled.

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