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The British-Dutch giant expects around a quarter of the world’s car fleet to be electric by 2040 and is adapting is business by actively looking for more ways to generate revenue from the rise of EVs, particularly as demand for oil decreases.

The announcement from the world’s sixth largest company comes in the wake of Chancellor Philip Hammond’s 2017 Budget promise of £400m for charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and another £140m for other projects related to them.

István Kapitány, head of retail at Shell told the FT: “Customers want to go on long journeys in their electric vehicles and feel confident that there are reliable.”

Shell will collaborate with Ionity to install EV chargers at 80 of its biggest roadside filling stations across 10 European countries: UK, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Today’s announcement follows Shell’s agreement to buy Dutch-based firm NewMotion, one of Europe’s largest electric vehicle charging networks, in October.

Shell said NewMotion, which manages over 30,000 charging points for electric vehicles in Western Europe and offers access to thousands more, will operate in parallel to Shell’s programme of rolling out fast charging points at its petrol station forecourts.

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