Pallavi Sethi explains the basis for complaining to the Independent Press Standards Organisation about the newspaper’s piece on electric vehicles misrepresented in a report from the Asphalt Industry Alliance and why such reporting continues to damage the British public’s understanding of climate change policies.

In yet another instance of British newspapers promoting misinformation about climate change policies, the Daily Mail has been forced to correct an inaccurate and misleading article that falsely claimed a report on the condition of Britain’s roads said potholes were mainly caused by electric vehicles.

The article, originally titled ‘Heavier electric cars blamed for the £16bn cost of pothole plague’, was published on page 2 of its print edition and on its website on 19 March. It was written by the newspaper’s chief political correspondent, David Churchill, as part of the Daily Mail’s ongoing campaign to mislead its readers about electric vehicles and other technologies to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Electric Vehicles Misrepresented - Four Horsemen (Image: Theo Moudakis/Toronto Star)

Four Horsemen (Image: Theo Moudakis/Toronto Star)

The article misrepresented a report by the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) by suggesting it singled out electric vehicles as being responsible for the current pothole ‘crisis’ in Britain.

The opening paragraphs of the Mail article stated:

“Heavier electric vehicles and larger cars are helping push Britian’s crumbling roads to ‘breaking point’.

“The pothole backlog repair bill now stands at a record £16 billion, as compensation claims soar.

“The warning comes in a report which highlights how changing driving habits are putting increased pressure on local roads across England and Wales.”

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