Access to solar panels and a home battery has reduced energy bill worries for Nikita Harris on one of Europe’s largest green retrofit projects.

“Where I used to worry going to bed, I don’t have to worry now,” said Nikita, 26, whose home in Swansea now runs partially on a battery.

Some 644 properties are being connected to a unique energy-sharing scheme, social housing provider Pobl said.

Housing Minister Julie James has called the scheme “transformational”.

Power from linked solar panels on roofs across the Penderi estate is used to charge batteries in homes.

Nikita’s battery is fitted to a wall just inside the entrance of her terraced property.

By limiting the use of her big appliances to when the sun is up, the mother-of-two said she had cut her electricity bills significantly.

“I used to spend £20 a week on my electric,” she said, “now with the solar panels and battery I’m putting in £10 a week.

“By having the battery in my home… I feel calmer,” she said, explaining how sad she is for other people faced with having to limit their electricity use.

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