It is hotter than ever. The country is tinder-dry. There were more wildfires in the single month of July than during all of last year.

During the recent heatwave, temperatures exceeded 40C and scores of houses burnt down on the edge of London. Another damaging heatwave is on its way. Water restrictions are now in force.

These catastrophic climate conditions have been knowingly fuelled for decades by unrepentant oil companies – all now giddy on their highest profits in history.

The unsurprising result: People are furious. If that wasn’t bad enough, unchecked energy bills threaten to lay waste to the already precarious finances of millions. Hardship looms, and the pitiful state of the energy system combined with the war in Ukraine potentially further limiting Russian gas imports to Europe means blackouts in winter are more likely than ever.

At this moment of acute national crisis, the prime minister has been on holiday leaving a rudderless “zombie government” at the helm, essentially waiting for the end (of the administration) to come.

So instead of a rational conversation on how to reduce the terrifying bills and cut the UK’s exposure to the unpredictable fossil fuel markets, all focus is now on the Conservative party’s contenders for the leadership.

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