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Plug-in cars bought by business and fleet users make up more than 60% of the UK market, with PHEVs making up a large part of that ratio. Research carried out by The Miles Consultancy earlier this year showed that many users are not making the most of the cost benefits electric vehicles can bring by not charging them enough.

Chargemaster’s POLAR Corporate service aims to make things easier for drivers, with users able to access any of the company’s charge points in the UK as usual, with costs billed to a business account.

David Martell, Chief Executive of Chargemaster, said: “Fleets and businesses are increasingly deploying electric vehicles, particularly with the decline in the diesel car market, and while employees will benefit from lower taxation, companies also need to maximise the benefits that electric vehicles present, by charging them appropriately.

“We are seeing many progressive businesses support the installation of home charging units for their employees, and the POLAR Corporate subscription will provide employees with access to the UK’s largest public charging network.”