The economic impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are being felt around the world. This is especially true in the energy and food markets whose supply chains depend on both countries. The crisis has reinvigorated a long-running debate about land use for solar farms, increasingly polarised around energy versus food security.

Gas provides 40% of the UK’s electricity generation, over half of which is imported. Global constraints on gas supplies caused by the Ukraine war have contributed to the huge spike in energy prices which affects every household, with some 40% of British homes facing fuel poverty this winter, according to E.ON UK. It highlights the vital importance of energy security and the need to maximise the amount of energy we generate here in the UK. If we are also to meet our climate change targets while keeping costs down, that energy needs to be renewable.

Solar, now subsidy-free, has become one of the lowest cost energy-generating technologies at around a third of the cost of gas or nuclear, with rapid deployment: potentially within months of receiving planning consent a solar farm will begin generating  clean power, contributing to lower energy prices across the board.

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